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    Top Must-Have Features in A Modern Car

    It is challenging to select a vehicle; this is because, on the market, there are more than 300 models of vehicle which comes with different features. When you are buying a car, factors such price, quality, and reliability have to be considered. Apart from the above major factor, it necessary to also consider the features that the vehicle has. The importance of different car features is that they bring safety, comfort, and ease to the drivers and passenger.

    Airbags are essential features that every car should have. A crash sensor activates the airbag in the case there is a collision. On activation, the airbag quickly inflate; this prevents the driver and people on board from hitting the steering wheel, windshield, and dashboard. To keep safe from impact originating from the side, consider a car with side airbags. Even if the airbag is not a mandatory feature, it is recommended.

    The back window get fogged just like the windshield. Most of the vehicles that you will find on the market, do not have a defogger for the rear window. Your car should have a defroster for the best clarity. That is important because it reduces any safety issues.

    To ensure that you easily pinpoint your precise location, make sure that you buy a car with a GPS navigation system. You are going to get a turn by turn direction in case you are driving in a place that you are not conversant. Most of these features will provide you with guidance on the closes gas station, atm, hospital, restaurant, and pole station. You can easily evade traffic and lousy neighborhood when you have a GPS navigation system.

    Electronic stability control system uses the accelerometer, antilock brake sensor, and pedal sensors to figure out what the car is doing. If the sensors do not matches, the ESC does what the driver cannot achieve. It can apply brakes and reduce power as needed by the car. That ensure that the vehicle keeps on moving as the driver keep thinking the way out.

    It is vital to ensure that your vehicle has keyless entry system. This feature allow you to lock and unlock your car using a button on the remote. It has a safety characteristic because when you are in a poorly lit place, you can get into the car very quickly. Most of the remotes have a panic button that allows you honk the horn or flash the light.

    The antilock braking system has been introduced in recent years. This premium feature is necessary because it prevents locking of the wheels after emergency braking. You could only find these features in a luxury car. Most of the vehicles today contain the safety and comfort features. Various outlets sell New Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale south jersey; they are affordable and contain top features.
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